Kogama: Skibidi Toilet Parkour 26 Levels

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What is Kogama: Skibidi Toilet Parkour 26 Levels?

Kogama: Skibidi Toilet Parkour 26 Levels

Kogama: Skibidi Toilet Parkour 26 Levels is yet another crossover between these two popular categories of our website, where we are fully confident that right now you will be having an amazing time from start to finish, just like we're happy to say it was the case for us, as parkour games 3d never fail, even more so with the most popular character on the internet of the moment!

Play through 26 Levels of Kogama Parkour with Skibidi Toilet!

Use WASD to move and space to jump, as you jump from one safe spot to another without falling into the toxic spots of the environment, because it will kill you and you lose. As you keep clearing levels, you earn funds in return that you can use to buy new skins for your tourist, which can look like the Skibidi Toilet.

It's that simple and fun, totally exciting, so we hope to see you start all this fun right now and here, only here, after which even more amazing games are going to follow, as they're always guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, E.

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