Hello Neighbor Parkour

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What is Hello Neighbor Parkour?

Hello Neighbor Parkour

Hello Neighbor Parkour is yet another KoGaMa game online where the world is modeled after this original indie game, where this time you will do something that you've never done before in the first game, where you were supposed to be stealthy, as right now you're doing a lot of running and jumping, and racing all-around, as you would expect from most parkour games 3D, even this one!

Let's do Parkour in Hello Neighbor online!

After you get transported into the world by entering the door, use WASD to move and the spacebar to jump, following directions in order to get through and advance as farther as possible, from one flag to another.

There are 20 levels you will go through, which go upward, so make sure to wait for the ascending and descending platforms so that you move from one to another.

Of course, that is only possible if first, you've reached the flag that is meant as a checkpoint, and one after another you complete all the levels by running and jumping without falling from the world, which is when you die.

We wish all of you good luck and endless fun, and we hope to see you try out more content from this same category, as it is always full of surprises!

How to play?

Use WASD and the spacebar.

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