PG Memory: Hello Neighbor

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What is PG Memory: Hello Neighbor?

PG Memory: Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is one of the scariest video games, in which the protagonist of the game is put in the role of a seeker, who was endowed with the mission to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his neighbor Mr. Peterson. In the game, you will have to avoid all kinds of traps that you have and also try to pass each level of the game so as to complete each mission.

Hello Neighbor and our memory cards

In the game we propose to you today, we want to train your brain's ability to memorize cards, inspired by the game Hello Neighbor. Your mission will be to find identical pairs of cards so that you can complete each level of difficulty. If you can't find the pairs, you will be able to use the Show Cards function, which will show you the correct location of the cards for 1 second. To use this feature you must have at least 35 points in play.

Another thing to consider will be the time, try to move as fast as possible because every second means the precious lost time that can no longer be recovered, and also if the timer reaches the end, the game will end.

How to play?

Use the mouse to find all the identical cards.

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