Scary Teacher 3D Online

Scary Teacher 3D Online

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Scary Teacher 3D Online
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Scary Teacher 3D Online Overview


Scary Teacher 3D Online is one of the best new interactive-adventure games online in 3d that we offer the visitors of our website, a game that also has horror elements in it, and it is playable on both PCs and mobile platforms. We have all had scary teachers and fantasies about getting revenge on them, but that would not be good in real life, but it is ideal in an online game, so come live out your evil dreams right here and now!

Show the scary teacher who's the boss!

You will have an on-screen joystick that you control in order to move your character in first-person, and your main goal through the multitude of levels in this game is to pull pranks on the teacher but make sure not to get caught. For example, one thing you do is find a mouse trap, place it on the floor where she gets her newspaper from, so that when she grabs it, she gets hurt.

Of course, if you get caught while looking for the traps, placing them, or after the fact, the teacher catches you, punishes you, and you lose the game. You will earn coins for each prank you successfully pull, and we're sure you will really enjoy doing it all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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