Scary Teacher 2

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Scary Teacher 2
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What is Scary Teacher 2?

Scary Teacher 2

Do you have the courage to take on the Scary Teacher for the second time? If you've already played the original, we are sure you have the guts, but even if you did not, we definitely invite you to try this game, where you have to measure yourself up with one of the scariest and meanest teachers in your school's history!

Face the scary teacher and defeat her!

Infiltrate the scary teacher's house as well as classroom, and do your best to pull all sorts of pranks on her, inflict damage on her, make her life a living hell, just like she did for many of her students, getting revenge in the name of all of them like this!

The game has horror elements, but, at its core, it is an interactive puzzle game where you get to go around, explore, and use the things you find to perform these nasty pranks.

Use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the world around you, with more in-game details being provided to you whenever you need help, worry not!

Do not get caught or scared by the teacher, because you then lose, and you will fail all your student friends. Good luck, we wish you tons of fun and invite you to stick around for more of our awesome daily content, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the keyboard and mouse.

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