Draw Car Fight

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What is Draw Car Fight?

Draw Car Fight

Car fighting games are already really popular, but today we are offering you the chance to play Draw Car Fight online, which is a bit different than most of the ones in this genre you are already used to, as we're talking about a game where drawing is going to make the difference between you winning and losing, and we're sure that this unique new attribute will make this game even more interesting and fun!

Draw the car and win the fight!

Use the mouse to draw the wheels on the car, to begin with, and then use it to drag the car around and make it bump into the red car, which is controlled by the computer, as you need to smash into it until you deplete its health bar to win, while it will try to do the very same thing to you first.

After you win your first car fighting round, use the money you earn to draw in even more weapons and cool upgrades to the car, making it stronger between fights, since each new one you take part in is going to be more difficult than the one before, so you need to raise your level of power too.

The possibilities are endless, and you should get yourselves ready for an exciting time like never before, we promise, as we offer you daily!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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