Car Merge & Fight

Car Merge & Fight

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Car Merge & Fight
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Car Merge & Fight Overview


Not only can you fight with cars right now, but you also get to merge them together to create faster and stronger ones, which is the premise of the wonderful action and strategy game called Car Merge & Fight, which brings together so many of the popular formats of today in one of the best new games you get to play here today for free!

Car Merge & Fight for victory!

In the first fight you undertake, you will lose, since you only have one car, but that is because this represents a lesson for you to have. You earn some coins in return, which you can use to buy a tank, which will also shoot at the other tank and another car, and you finally can defeat them.

Now that you got the gist, know that in each level your enemies get stronger, so add more cars, merge them together to acquire new models, which will have a higher level, and use them to defeat the enemies. Always have more cars, or cars of a higher level to achieve victory, which is the key.

Try to see how further you can keep merging the cars, and how many coins can you earn in total. Begin right away, as you now know the basics, and be confident, which will be the key for you to win this amazing new game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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