Gladiators. Merge and Fight

Gladiators. Merge and Fight

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Gladiators. Merge and Fight
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Gladiators. Merge and Fight Overview


To fight with Gladiators is something you've done on our website for sure many times before, but this game is also a merging game at the same time, so it is more about strategy than it is about actual power and strength, but those come into play too, as they are required to win fights, and we're going to prove it to you right now, and show you how to do it, worry not!

Merge and Fight with Gladiators online!

Start your first fight using the element of wood, which you add over the weapon marker, which means that you will attack with a wooden sword. When you fight, click on the sword to attack, and click on the shield when you are being hit to pull it up and defend. Deplete the other gladiator's health bar first to win the match.

If you do it, you earn money in return, and you can use it to buy another piece of wood, and when merging them together on the board, you create steel. Put steel over the sword, and it will turn into a steel sword, which deals more damage to the opponent, allowing you to win the fight faster.

Keep merging elements to raise the level of the sword, but also improve your helmet, your shield, and your chest piece, so that you become better at both defense and offense at the same time. Health, damage, and defense are the three attributes you need to keep leveling up because your enemy also gets stronger.

Click craft to spawn the materials, and then merge them by dragging two identical ones into one on the brackets. You might also receive bonus items from hard-won fights, like the health potion that you can use in battle to regain health and pick yourselves up.

As you merge and fight, the enemies get stronger too, so always rinse and repeat this process to stay ahead of your foes, until you become the biggest and strongest gladiator in this arena!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Turn wood to steel and then to meteorite and further to upgrade your gladiator's gear.
  • Use health potions when you are low on them to get back on your feet.
  • Grow into the strongest gladiator to win all your fights!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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