Alphabet: Merge and Fight

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What is Alphabet: Merge and Fight?

Alphabet: Merge and Fight

New Games with Alphabet Lore online had not been added to our website in a while, which is what makes us eager to do it right now, especially in the form of a merge and fight game, as this format is increasing in popularity by the day, and with these awesome characters, the format is only going to be elevated further!

Merge and Fight with the Alphabet Lore!

Add Alphabet fighters on the screen, and if you have two of the same kind, merge them together since that will form an upgrade one, and with its bigger level, it will be stronger. When you run out of funds to spawn units and merge them, hit the fight button.

The battle will unfold, simulated by the game, and if you have the stronger units, and more of them in number, you will achieve victory over your opponent, and advance to the next level, where you do the same, but have stronger enemies as well.

It's not daily you get to find and play games as awesome as this one is, so make sure to give it a go right now, with confidence, and maybe try out more of our daily games when done with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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