Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore

Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore

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Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore
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Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore Overview


Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore is here to bring some life back into this category we know many of you already know and love plenty, as you should, with our team now inviting you to learn how this game works, as it is a simple drawing game, but also one that helps little children learn the alphabet letters through animating the characters from this lore!

Start doing Animation & Coloring Alphabet Lore!

If you choose the animation mode, you can see each letter in part being animated, and learn what they are, how they are read, and how they sound, which will help toddlers become smarter!

In the coloring mode, of course, you pick the letter that you want to color, designed just like in the animations, and with the pencils and colors you are given, you can paint them, however, you find the best.

You can paint them like in the show, or you can do something different. It's all a creative and educational game, which we hope to see you play right now, after which our team will bring about even more great games for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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