Save Alphabet Lore

Save Alphabet Lore

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Save Alphabet Lore
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Save Alphabet Lore Overview


Save Alphabet Lore is the latest game featuring these letters that the internet has fallen in love with, where you have to save them, and, as you've probably realized from the title, image, or video, this is a new puzzle game with pins, now featuring this cast, which we are sure that you will love just like we did, as these two things are certainly going to fit together really well!

Let's Save Alphabet Lore!

Use the mouse to click on the pins and pull them so that you release the water in which Alphabet Lore characters are so that they drop into the water with the other letters because when all the letters have been reunited in the same tank, moving through the pipes, the level is cleared.

This gets harder one stage after another, especially since there is red water that also appears, and you need to avoid it falling on the characters, because it is deadly, and you lose the level if that happens. That's basically it, so now that you know, feel confident to finish all the levels right now, or at least as many of them as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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