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Jelly Truck

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Jelly Truck
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Jelly Truck Overview


Driving a Jelly Truck is one of the most interesting truck game experiences that you could be having on our website right at this moment, and we're totally recommending it for each and every one of you since we want to be sharing the best times possible with everyone here, and we will now share with you how you can drive the truck made out of jelly!

Drive the Jelly Truck online!

The game is comprised of twenty levels, each of them with a different mission, which entails you having to drive the jelly truck until the end of the course, where you are going to find a flag, which is your destination. To drive and balance your truck, use the arrow keys.

Now, along the way, all the trees, houses, pillars, and other platforms, are made of jelly, so you will be bouncing around quite a lot. If you have a pit in front of you, you can knock down a jelly tree or platform and then use it as a bridge to get to the other side.

You will even need to go high up, and for that, you sit in an elevator platform that gets you upward. Depending on how fast you can reach the end of each stage, you get awarded from one to three stars, and we're hoping to see you always go for 3/3.

Let the experience begin right now, as only here you can find it, and stick around to see what other games with trucks online we offer you here, free of charge!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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