Escape from Mommy

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What is Escape from Mommy?

Escape from Mommy

Welcome to Noob Mommy Escape Parkour, which combines two of our most popular genres of the moment, Minecraft Games with Noob but also Poppy Playtime Games, yet another category that is beloved, with this new running and jumping game being inspired by the countless amazing Minecraft Parkour Games we've shared with you in the past, so get ready for an experience, unlike any others!

Help Noob do Parkour to Escape Mommy Long Legs!

In the 3D world, Noob is being chased by Mommy Long Legs, a terrifying toy come to life, and you need to jump over the blocks from one to another to reach the furthest you can without being caught from behind by her, and without falling into the lava pit at the bottom of the blocks, because in both cases you die.

You are being timed, so try to resist dying for a time as big as possible. Use WASD to move, the spacebar to jump, the left mouse button to punch things if necessary, and change the camera with the C button.

It is that simple, so we wish you simply the best, hope to see more of you around, and then you should keep playing the games of today, tomorrow, and every day after that we bring you!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, spacebar.

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