Noob VS Maniac: escape!

Noob VS Maniac: escape!

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Noob VS Maniac: escape!
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Noob VS Maniac: escape! Overview


Noob VS Maniac: escape! is not only our latest addition to this universe we know you love very much, but also one of the most action-packed puzzle games with drawing that this category has had so far, which we would not have dared miss sharing with you for anything in the world right now, we promise!

Help Noob Escape from Maniac!

The Maniac killer villain is chasing Noob who is in a cart, and in order for him to pass over the pits and other traps, dangers, and obstacles along the way, you need to draw lines so that he can ride over them and get to the next spot, collecting stars along the way, all until you reach the finish line and manage to cross it, simple like that!

Each new course gets more difficult than the last, and so do the levels, but they also get more fun, as you can imagine. Begin now, and don't stop for a second, since we've got many more great games in store we hope you won't be missing out on for anything!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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