Noob Miner 2: Escape from Prison

Noob Miner 2: Escape from Prison

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Noob Miner 2: Escape from Prison
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Noob Miner 2: Escape from Prison Overview


After mining where he was not supposed to do, Noob has gotten in prison, so for this latest platform-adventure game with action and puzzle elements all into one, set in your favorite world of blocky games, you're here to help him escape and reach freedom, and a new level of treasure that he will also collect, as once you become a miner, you never stop!

Escape from Prison with Noob Miner 2 online!

Your first escape run shows you some of the basics. For example, when there is a pit in front of you in the tunnel, you patch it up by selecting the blocks and placing them in the empty spot, which means that you can walk over them. Next up, you encounter a fence, and no matter how much you click at it with the pickaxe, you still cannot tear it down.

This means you return to your jail cell, where the prison guard will show you some of the basics, as you need to explore this location to find all the tools you need to continue your escape through the tunnel, which needs to be kept a secret.

In one of the first shops you go to buy food and supplies, since going into the mines without them can leave you for dead. The boss is where you get new missions, as well as helpful advice.

Between these two offices, there is the building you are trying to restore, and for that you should mine for the required materials:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Iron

In the miner shop, you can buy new tools, hammers, bombs, TNT, axes, torches, stairs, and others. The exchanger shop that follows is where you take extra materials you've mined and not used in the restoration process to buy gold coins and diamonds for them, which can then be used as your buying power.

Keep going back to the mines, advancing further as you create pathways to escape out of jail, and to gain new materials, tools, and treasures. Rinse and repeat, but be careful of all the traps, monsters, and dangers you might encounter, since losing all your lives means losing the game.

You move using the WASD keys, click to attack or to mine, and with the E key you interact with the people and items around you. Being a miner is not easy, but it can be really fun and exciting, so start right now, and then check out the previous game in the series if you've not already!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Mine ore and sell it for good prices.
  • Discover the secrets of the mine, while avoiding its monsters.
  • Gather all the tools you need to get out of jail!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E key.

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