Noob Miner: Escape from Prison

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What is Noob Miner: Escape from Prison?

Noob Miner: Escape from Prison

Noob Miner: Escape from Prison is here to once again increase the size and level of fun provided by the Minecraft Games category of our website, which we know for a fact to be a fan-favorite, hence why we always prioritize games from it, even more so these recent ones featuring the Noob, who has overtaken Steve as the most popular character in this universe, who has now been wrongly imprisoned. Only you can help him break free!

Help Noob Miner Escape from Prison!

As punishment, in this jail, you need to work in the mines. The first thing that the boss shows you is the food stall, where you can eat and make potions that give you more health and stamina. Make sure to stock up on food before going down into the mines, so you don't die from not having it.

In the shop, you buy the tools you need: pickaxes, ladders, torches, stoves, or dynamite. At the director's office, you can receive various free items, depending on how well you do your job. Go to the Trade desk to buy and sell resources for gold or items.

Use WASD to move and jump, and then take the helm of items, use them, and do other kinds of interactions using the mouse, being able to equip items from the inventory.

The best we wish you all, as always, and we hope that you don't stop here, as plenty more amazing games are always being provided here for you!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.

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