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What are Peppa Pig Games?

Peppa Pig is a cartoon that was born in 2004, and today in 2021 - 2022 it still runs on the most important stations for children, as well as Nickelodeon, ABC 4 Kids, Discovery Kids, and others. The beautiful cartoons are about Peppa Pig, a cute and funny piglet who tries with his family to learn all kinds of things. In general, the games we will have in this category will be educational games, light games for preschoolers or children still in kindergarten, and the purpose of Peppa pig games is to teach them something new regardless of whether we are talking about coloring, drawing, development. memory, reading skills, or others.

Which are the main characters from Peppa Pig?

  • Peppa Pig: is the main character of these drawings, she is a 4-year-old piglet and lives in a small town with her whole family. She is always interested in playing, discovering new things and also making new friends to play with.
  • George Pig is the youngest of the Pig family, he is a year and a half old, and he tries to walk, but he doesn't know how to speak very well. He is very interested in everything that is happening around him, and the most important thing is to learn new things. He is in love with everything that means dragons, dinosaurs, and giant creatures, and the moment he sees a toy in the shape of a dinosaur he goes to play with it.
  • Mummy Pig is the woman of the Pig family, she takes care of all the things in their house especially when it comes to food, cleaning, driving, ironing clothes, and other household things. This is a protective mother, she manages to complete all the chores she has in the house and at the same time to educate her two children in a pleasant way without discriminating between them.
  • Daddy Pig is an ordinary father, like any other, he has responsibilities in the backyard, and what he likes most is reading the newspaper and driving. He always forgets where he put his glasses, and Peppa helps him find them. He is joking and trying to relax the atmosphere quite a lot.
  • Granny Pig is the grandmother of the household, she manages to take care of all the things in the poultry yard and prepares the cooking very well.
  • Grandpa Pig is the grandfather of the Pig family who is passionate about agriculture, he is almost all day in the garden trying to water the plants, put the seeds in the ground, pick fruits and vegetables from the garden and also play with the two grandchildren he has them.
  • other personages: Zoe Zebra, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, Gerald Giraffe, Freddie Fox, Emily the Elephant, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Mandy Mouse, Molly Mole;
In Peppa Pig games we hope you will learn a lot of things, especially those that will help you in life. Games in this category will be specially created so that any child can play no matter how small.