Peppa Pig Family Dress Up

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What is Peppa Pig Family Dress Up?

Peppa Pig Family Dress Up
Peppa Pig and her family bring you dear children, a new game for you. Let's help the nice family to choose a perfect outfit. Identify their favorite style and choose the perfect outfit.

The game is very simple. You will have to dress each member of the family in turn. You will start with Peppa, and you will have to go through the following steps for each member:
1. You will have to choose a suit, pants or dress, as the case may be.
2. As an outfit doesn't go without accessories, you have to choose a pair of glasses, a bracelet, or an elegant chain.
3. Choose a modern hat that is in tune with the fashion of the Peppa family

Once the outfit is finished and the whole family has been dressed, it's time to choose the outdoor decor so that the family can take a picture for a family painting. Take a picture of them, which will remain in their memory. After you finish the picture to be taken, Peppa will tell you how well you made the outfit and how original it was.

We hope you enjoyed the game and we warmly invite you to discover other games on our site. Enjoy it.

How to play?

use the mouse

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