Peppa Pig Strawberry

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What is Peppa Pig Strawberry?

Peppa Pig Strawberry

Peppa Pig Strawberry is going to be one of the best platform-adventure games with jumping, collecting, and all-around fun for you to have been added in this category so far, with a game clearly inspired by iconic games like Mario, and trust us when we say that it has taken all the best things from them and made it even better with Peppa's charming world!

Hunt strawberries with Peppa Pig!

In a world of platforms, you move Peppa with the right and left arrows, jump with Z, and use special touch controls from the screen if you're playing on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

Jump over the pits, and over the creatures, since falling into them or touching them means losing a life and having to start again from scratch, with you having a total of three lives.

Along with the courses you will also need to collect strawberries to increase your score, so try making it as big as possible, and catch the plush toys too for even more points.

If you encounter the frogs, they are your enemies, so avoid them, or jump on top of their heads to defeat them and gain some extra points.

We wish you simply the best, fun like only here is possible, and we hope to see you checking out more games with Peppa Pig here, no one does them better!

How to play?

Use the right and left arrows, Z key.

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