Nick Jr Music Maker

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Nick Jr Music Maker
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What is Nick Jr Music Maker?

Nick Jr Music Maker
Dear children,
Nick Jr Music Maker is the new game in which you will have to form a music team that will have to hold a concert in front of the world, from a hall. Gather as many Nickelodeon characters as possible and make the biggest and most beautiful concert so far. We wish you much success.

The game is not structured on levels and first of all, you will have to start forming the team with which you will organize the concert. You have at your disposal 14 different characters who will each have a different tool. You will have to find the perfect combination of seven characters with different instruments to create the perfect music to support the concert.

Test them all so that you see which characters are suitable to sing together during the concert. After you have found the right characters and rehearsed a few times, get ready to record the concert, so that it can be played in front of all the spectators. Once the concert is recorded, call your parents and friends and record them with the concert to see what you have created.

With this game you can make a challenge with your friends, the stake being the creation of the most successful music concert. We hope you enjoyed this game and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Enjoy it!

How to play?

use the mouse

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