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What are Team Umizoomi Games?

The categories of Nick Jr Games of our website always manage to masterfully put together educational elements with playing online games, which can definitely also be said of the Team Umizoomi Games category where you are right now, which is yet another page based on a show where kids are encouraged to learn more about maths, sciences, and other areas of exact and precise learning.
Through these beloved characters kids can learn about shapes, they can take part in bike races, they have the chance to rescue animals such as monkeys in the jungle, they can assume the role of police officers and enforce the law through Umi City, where the show takes place,  catch nasty bandits in the act, and you can even build your own car in the shape of a shark and race it all the way to the ferry.
While the show did air for four seasons, re-runs of it are still on the air, and this only means that new generations of children can become familiar with these characters and their world year after year. If you are here to play games with Team Umizoomi for free, you already know what you are getting into, but if you are new to this page, we will now introduce you to this amazing world that combines animation with live-action sequences!

The show is set in a fictional city known as Umi City, where you can be the Umifriend to these amazing characters that inhabit it. Problems happen all the time in the city, with people needing help solving them, which is why Geo, Milli, and Bot jump to the rescue, using science, logic, and critical thinking to find solutions for everything, and you are encouraged to help them and seek out the answers yourselves.
Each character has their own expertise that they use in their rescue missions. For example, Milli is very good at recognizing patterns and using shapes, and she sometimes triggers these abilities by singing. Geo is her younger brother, and his power is that of using shapes to bring things into reality, like vehicles, which help the team a lot. The bot is their trusty green robot friend, whose arms are extendable, and has a screen for a belly, which is useful in doing math or making calls.

The backbone of the team is UmiCar, without a doubt, a car with a personality that has the ability to transform into all sorts of vehicles, like boats, helicopters, planes, bikes, and others, and it can only speak its name and it sometimes beeps. Together with these characters, you can learn the alphabet, how to count, the different colors around us, you learn how to be kinder, you can dance, or you can even celebrate Christmas with them.

Geo, Milli, Bot, and UmiCar hope that they convinced you now how fun it is to play Team Umizoomi Games for children on our website, so they are eager to see you start doing so right now and here, and we hope to see you return for even more of our awesome free games, day after day!