Team Umizoomi Games

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What are Team Umizoomi Games?

Play the best Team Umizoomi Games online to learn different educational things in online games for children.

The show is set in a fictional city known as Umi City, where you can be the Umifriend to these fantastic characters. Problems happen constantly in the town, and people need help solving them, so Geo, Milli, and Bot jump to the rescue. They use science, logic, and critical thinking to find solutions for everything, and you are encouraged to help them and seek out the answers yourselves.

Each character has the expertise that they use in their rescue missions. For example, Milli is very good at recognizing patterns and using shapes, and she sometimes triggers these abilities by singing. Geo is her younger brother, and his power is using shapes to bring things into reality, like vehicles, which greatly help the team.

The bot is their trusty green robot friend. Its arms are extendable, and it has a screen for a belly, which helps do math or make calls.