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What are Bubble Guppies Games?

The possibilities to learn and to have fun while you play Bubble Guppies Games online on our website are truly endless, which is to be expected on a series of games based on one of the longest-running shows currently airing on Nick Jr, as the show first premiered way back in 2011, and it had been renewed for a sixth season last year, and this is quite the feat in the world of animated television for children, to air ten years and probably more, since we’ve got a hunch the guppies are here to stay!

With a category that has been around for so long, it is to be expected that you can find a diverse range of games with Bubble Guppies to play here, and that is true, as we will now show that both girls and boys can find something to enjoy here, and they can love these games wherever they are in this world, and even if they’ve never seen an episode.

Kids can learn about shapes and how they can be used day to day in games such as Pet House Puzzles, where you will build houses for pets out of geometric shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and others. These kids always want to look sharp when they go to their underwater school, as well as to other events, so make sure their hairstyle is up to notch in a game such as Good Hair Day.

Whenever there is a huge holiday in the calendar year, the merpeople kids in these games always celebrate in a big style, like in the game called Halloween Party, where they throw a party and dress up in crazy costumes like witches, zombies, pirates, or ghosts, or they make chocolate, wrap up gifts, and set up romantic dates in the game called Bubble Guppies Valentine’s Play.

If you have been watching the show a lot, you know that the setting of most of their episodes is their school, as they use their imagination to their fullest there, and if watching their activities is not enough for you, you can now take part in the daily life of a Bubble Guppy through a game like the one called Classroom Play, which re-creates an episode of the show as best as possible!

Our Bubble Guppies Games for kids offer you a lot of opportunities and diverse activities to do in addition to these, such as becoming a fireman and putting out burning houses, you can go on an adventure through the safari and save animals like rhinos, you can become pirates and go treasure hunting, or help the merfolk dress-up for career day in the style of a job they want to have in the future!

As for the few of you reading this in order to learn more about Bubble Guppies before playing their games, as you might not be watching the show, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It’s had to put a finger on what exactly the show is, since it blends different formats such as sketch comedy, it has entertaining stories that are also very educational, and it also has musical elements in it since kids really love to sing and dance.

As we said before, the show takes place underwater, and it features a group of merperson preschoolers who go to class day by day, and what they learn, the kids watching them learn as well. Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, and Zooli are the main characters we follow, with Little Fish being the narrator, who usually addresses the people watching directly, and tells the name of each episode, after a short introduction by Molly and Gil.

Things happen all around these characters, sometimes at school, sometimes not, and they take their time to think about things, they strive to find solutions, and they apply them with hard work and commitment, which they hope the kids watching the show will adopt in their real life. They tend to use different songs to explain what is going on as well. They also have the habit of ongoing on field trips, a lot of times to imaginary places, and they always end the episode with a sketch.

It comes without saying, but Molly and Gil are the backbones of the show since they help explain what is going on to the children. Gil can get scared with ease, which is why it is great that Molly is with him always to help him out if he gets into trouble. Goby is the one with the biggest imagination in the group, and Deema is the girl who usually plays the role of the shopkeeper in various sketches.

Oona is very sweet and she couldn’t hurt a fly, or a tiny fish, in this case, as there are no flies underwater, and Nonny is quite intelligent, he does not speak much, but is very polite and very mature for his age. Zooli is a girl that was introduced in the show’s fifth season, and she knows all about animals.

In addition to this main cast, we have the Little Fish who we already mentioned, who does announcements, spells out the show’s name and title, as well as gives the answers to the questions asked of the viewer. The kids also have a mascot in the form of Bubble Puppy, a dog with white and orange fur who also has fins, and is Gil’s pet and best friend. Mr. Grouper is the kids’ teacher who is always out there to help his students with anything they need!

Now that you are familiar with this world and all of the fun stuff that it promises, playing Bubble Guppies Games for free on our website should be what you do right away, even if you are totally new to this world, and we hope that you will continue to play not only the games featuring them but those with other Nick Jr characters that our team bring over for you day after day!