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What are Blaze and The Monster Machines Games?

Welcome to all boys and girls to Blaze and the Monster Machines Games, one of the most iconic and popular categories of Nick Jr Games online we’ve created here up until this moment, based around the show with the same name that made its premiere way back in 2014, and it has not stopped since, as we are currently in its sixth season, and the show has had 120 episodes with that number sure to grow if the series will be renewed for further episodes.

Like many of the other shows airing on this network and programming block from Nickelodeon, the series aims to be both entertaining and educational at the same time, so that the kids who watch it learn and have fun at the same time, and this one is focused on teaching STEM. What is STEM? This is an acronym that refers to the following subjects that usually get grouped together:


These are very important in the development of kids as well as the world, and you will be able to learn them even better through playing Blaze Games online for free on our website. Before you do that, let’s become friends with the characters in the show that you will also meet in the games, especially if you have not watched it so far.

Meet Blaze, AJ, and the humans and monster machines they interact with!
  • Blaze represents the host of the show, and the character that it is named after, of course, who is an orange monster truck that is known as the number one racer and has the ability to transform into various other vehicles, depending on the situation that needs it.
  • AJ is the co-host and the human driver of Blaze, who is as passionate about racing and driving fast as he is about science and technology, always inventing something new for his machine friends.
  • Crusher is a blue monster truck and Blaze’s biggest racing rival, but not a nice one, as he is always trying to cheat in their races, even inventing gadgets for it.
  • As you would expect from a monster truck called Pickle, he is green, he likes to sing all of the time, and he is Crusher’s sidekick, but still good friends with Blaze and the gang.
  • Gabby is the girl that all of the machines can count on when they get damaged or broken because she is a skilled mechanic and a good friend to AJ.

These would be the main cast that we meet in most of the episodes and get the biggest amount of screen time, but there are others as well, such as Stripes, a truck with tiger abilities, Starla, a purple pick-up truck, Darington, who has a start motif on his body, Zeg, who is a dino-truck hybrid, and Watts is a new female truck that appeared later on and is powered by electricity.

The show takes place in Axle City, with the episodes usually being structured into three parts, and through them, AJ and Blaze and recurring characters have adventures where they need to solve various problems with the power of their STEM knowledge, which they then pass on to the viewers.

Become a STEM expert by playing Blaze and the Monster Machines Games unblocked!

You can do so many amazing things in this category, such as building robots, you can learn how to code and maybe become a programmer one day, become a tow truck and help cars from getting stuck, try winning the best monster truck racing games, repair the trucks, or even learn how to put together words from letters.

Your adventures into the world of monster trucks and knowledge begin right now if you are willing to give this category a chance, and this is surely not something you will regret doing anytime soon!