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What are Avatar Games?

Once every few years comes a show that redefines its genre and finds a massive following worldwide, creating millions of huge fans in every corner of the world, and this is what the animated television show Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon did in 2005, and what its follow up, Avatar: The Legend of Korra did a few years later with its show in 2012, having even a live-action movie released for it during the height of its popularity, and a live-action series is in production on Netflix, so we are expecting Aang and his friends to stick around for many years to come.
Of course, with a show that had such a wide audience of both young, teen, and adult viewers, it was to be expected there were lots of Avatar Games online that was released, many of them official, many fan-made, all being tons of fun to play, even if you are a fan of the franchise or not. In either case, we have prepared the best games with Avatar online for our website, so let’s tell you about them and their world, so you can enjoy playing them to the max!

Avatar: The Legend of Aang

In this universe inspired by Asian cultures, some people are called benders, because they have the natural and magical ability to manipulate different elements of nature, and depending on the type of their power they have been divided into four nations. The Water Tribes and their Waterbenders, the Earth Kingdom who are Earthbenders, The Fire Nation who are Firebenders, and the Air Nomads, who are Airbenders.
The Avatar is a being that reincarnates one generation after another and masters the abilities of all bending arts, so that he or she may keep the peace between the nations and offer balance to the world. The last avatar was a boy named Aang, who was an Airbender, who was afraid of his responsibilities, so while fleeing from them, he got himself frozen, until one day he is freed by Katara and Sokka, two teenagers from the Water Tribes.
Being back, Aang starts traveling the world in order to master all the four arts of bending, as he was supposed to do in the first place, but now he’s got trusted friends on his side, but also enemies he has to deal with. They come mostly from the Fire Nation, who took advantage of Aang being gone and invaded other nations, going so far as to eliminate most of the Air Nomads. Will Aang be able to bring balance back to the world as the Avatar?

Learn more about your favorite Avatar characters right here!

Unlike you would expect from a figure like the Avatar, Aang can show his age, even though he comes from a different time. He is quite carefree, and likes having fun and not dealing with responsibilities. He is also a vegetarian, and has a flying bison which is called Appa, and helps him and his friends travel the world.
Katara starts out as his best friend, but they eventually get together and become a married couple, but she is more than Avatar’s wife. She is very skilled in water bending, and she can be the mother figure to Aang and Sokka, as they are boys and more reckless, so she has to steer their reins in. She will always be loyal to her friends, and never give up!
Sokka is Katara’s older brother, and he has no bending powers, which is why he uses a boomerang to attack his opponents, and later also a sword, so you can count on his martial arts abilities, always! He is also the one most skilled at creating devices for the team to use and utilize even artifacts that are not from this country.
These three main characters are not the only ones worth talking about, of course. We’ve got Toph, a tomboy girl who is a master of Eartbending and helps Aang master this ability, with her being quite sarcastic and blunt with those around her, but she still cares deeply about them, despite the fact she might not show it that obvious. Zuko is the heir to the Fire Kingdom, who starts his journey by trying to capture Aang and take him down to restore his honor to his father, but thanks to Uncle Iroh, who guides him into being a better person, he eventually betrays his nation and joins Aang and the side of good.

What are the best Avatar Games online for kids?

As you would expect from a show targeted mostly at boys and which features action and adventure elements, most of the games on this page also come into this genre. The Fortress Fight Games give you the chance to build your own castle and use it to defeat castles from other nations in battle. In the Avatar Arena game you will battle with various Avatars from history in a tournament-style competition.
Help Sokka fight and jump through the trees while facing off with different enemies, help Aang clean up after a fight where he got really dirty and messed up, you will be able to dress up Avatar characters, color them or solve puzzles featuring them, and many other things, where your skills will be both tested and improved upon, all in gaming experiences we highly recommend!


The legendary Avatar Aang is always seeking new adventures and tries to improve his skills and become a better person, these being things that you can now also experience on our website by playing games with Avatar online, as we made sure to offer you the best of them on the internet, where you can visit all the four nations, learn their bending skills, and maybe become a sort of Avatar yourself, at least virtually!
To keep things simple, we even have a category of The Legend of Korra Games made to host all the games based on the sequel series, so after exploring this one, we definitely recommend visiting that one too!