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Element Escape

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Element Escape
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Element Escape Overview


Element Escape is a classic Avatar The Last Airbender game online that we are now happy to have brought back to you all here free of charge, where we have no doubt in the entire world that you are about to have quite a fantastic time from start to finish, just like we all did, and we will now explain it, so you can start bending right away!

Help the Avatar with his Element Escape!

Aang, Katara, and Toph have all been captured on a ship of the Fire Nation, from where you have to help him escape by using each of their special abilities, as each has a specific element that they can bend, such as air, or water.

Move your character using the right and left keys, jump with the up arrow, and use Z or X to switch characters, so that you can use their abilities when needed. Sometimes you need one element to defeat a guard or get past an obstacle/trap, sometimes you need another.

Use Katara's whip on fire guards and to trigger switches, Aang to jump on higher platforms, and Toph to break the ground by stomping on it. Collect coins along the way for a big score, and reach the portal checkpoints, so that if you die, you can start again from there.

Start now, enjoy the fun, and don't stop, since more great games are still to come, just for you!

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