Nickelodeon Arcade

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Nickelodeon Arcade
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What is Nickelodeon Arcade?

Nickelodeon Arcade

Nickelodeon Arcade is an arcade game in which our friends from Nickelodeon have combined several interesting mini-games, in which you will have to meet your favorite characters from the cartoon series with Henry Danger, No-Ad, Spongebob, The Loud House.

You will have the opportunity to choose which game you want to play or which character you want to start a new adventure, but for starters, we present the games you can play in Nickelodeon Arcade:

  1. Throwing Pies: the game in which you will meet the people in the Loud House, in a box with holes; every time you see a character sticking his head out, try to hit him with a pie because every pie thrown in the character's head will bring you bonus points.
  2. Feed the Crabs: the second game is with the Spongebob crabs, and here you will have to collect as many burgers as you can throw in the crabs' mouths. Every burger you manage to put in a crab's mouth will mean a bonus point.
  3. Join the Dots: In the third game, you will have to join the blue, yellow, or white dots with Henry Danger.
  4. Basket Throws: In this game, you have to throw the basketball to the moving basket. You have to be careful because the basket is constantly moving, and this makes the game more and more difficult.
  5. Slapping: a fighting game in which you have to use your palms to win. What's different about this game is that you can't hit anything but your palm, and the moment you anticipate a counterattack, you'll have to block the shots.
  6. Bowling: a more special bowling game, in which you have to throw the bowling ball among the laser beams on the track so that it reaches the hole at the end of the track.
  7. The Slime: click the slime pump to charge up, then slime characters by smashing the green button. Beat your last score to earn a bonus blast!
  8. Skateboard Adventure: use the arrows to move back and forth. Avoid the obstacles and collect coins

Throughout the game, you will have to collect as many tickets to use in the game so as to buy your toys, unlock special games, or even reach the top players.

How to play?

use the mouse to open each game, then read the instructions for each game.

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