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What are Funny Games?

They say that laughter is the best medicine, which is why comedy is such an active part and a primary aspect in so much media out there, from movies, television shows, cartoons, video games, and, as you will notice from this page of Funny Games online, the same is true for many games that you can play on your computer from your browser or on your mobile device, with our team has made sure to offer you only the best of them!
As you can expect from this series, it is quite diverse, because games from different genres can have comedic elements into them, so that when you play them, not only are you trying to achieve some sort of goal or accomplish a task but in doing so you will laugh out loud many times, which will only make you feel better. Let’ see some prime examples of this among the category, so you can be convinced of the worth of these games as soon as possible!

The best Funny Games to play free on our website!

Some of the games on this page don’t really have a goal in mind when playing them, as they are more on the interactive and friv side of gaming, such as Morty Elastic Man, where Morty from Rick and Morty has had his head transformed into an elastic material, and you can use the mouse to pull his face in all sorts of ways and directions, making it look very funny and weird.
Slapping someone hurts, and it sucks to get slapped yourself, but since it can come unexpectedly, it can produce lots of laughter, which is why we definitely recommend the Slap King game, where you try to slap the virtual character in front of you and get the funniest reactions possible out of him. Since he is virtual, he isn’t really getting hurt, so go all out on him!
A prime example of games that are both funny and a bit creepy and scary would be the many TrollFace Quest Games online from our website, where you have to interact with the troll faces showcased in various scenes so that you solve a puzzle, but if you don’t, clicking wrong about the scene will cause them to do crazy stuff which can make you laugh and be scared at the same time.
In the same vein you can have to destroy games or whacking games where you have to hit and destroy stuff around you, like the game where you try and hit a computer with all sorts of items given to you, or the one where you have a couple who are fighting at their date, so use the glasses, forks, flower pots, and other things in the restaurant to throw at one another.


In the end, we think that comedy games online are a sure-fire way of relaxing, making yourself feel better, and having fun all at the same time, so try any game on this page right now, as only the best of them have been put forward, and have a jolly time like nowhere else you can!