Eating Simulator Physical Food Puzzle

Eating Simulator Physical Food Puzzle

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Eating Simulator Physical Food Puzzle
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Eating Simulator Physical Food Puzzle Overview


Eating Simulator games might have appeared here before, but this is a Physical Food Puzzle game, which means that your eating power should be backed up by your puzzle-solving power, and that makes sense, since eating well and healthy helps your brain function better, which we're absolutely sure will be the case if you try this hypercasual game right now, just like we did, and precisely because of that we can now teach you how to do it too!

Try the Eating Simulator and solve the Physical Food Puzzle!

Instead of solving puzzles in the regular way, you have to use your skills with the mouse or touch controls in dragging, as you need to put the food into the mouths of the people or characters. For example, get the squid inside the man's mouth, and the sausage into the anime girl's, but sometimes, it's not even food.

For example, Santa needs to get into the house by the chimney to deliver his Christmas presents, so you have to drag him through it, or there is Spongebob, who will not only need you to transport Plankton through his mouth, but through this entire intestines, and then get him out of his butthole to poop him out.

Each new level becomes a bit more difficult than the last, and make sure that you're never dropping the food to the floor, or lose it because you need to restart said levels. As a general rule, get the food moving past the green dotted line, the only time when you will have finished the stage.

We wish you good luck and great focus, and hopefully, we will see you here around some more, since we've got so many great games already!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Always move the food past the green line to finish the level.
  • Drag with the mouse on computers, use your fingers carefully on mobile devices.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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