Eating Simulator

Eating Simulator

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Eating Simulator
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Eating Simulator Overview


An Eating Simulator game is not something you see very often, but it represents one of the best new idle games online from our website, a format that has seen our website be its home today, with only amazing entries like this one too, which we are about to explain to you in a simple manner right now since eating should be simple, the virtual one too!

Try the best Eating Simulator online!

You will keep clicking on the character to eat food, such as eggs, the first meal of the day. With the money you earn, buy other foods to eat, which in turn makes you even more money. Sell food for money, and use money for upgrading the food, as well as the eating pace, and adding yourselves upgrades that allow you to eat more and faster!

You can also use the money to customize your character's appearance with bags and weight. Start off by choosing a name, and a gender, and then you're ready to do everything we've just talked about!

Try eating more than the other players in the game, to outrank them in the leaderboards! Good luck, enjoy, and stick around, the day is far from over!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • The more you eat, the more cash you earn, so click fast to make the process go swiftly.
  • Upgrade the character's weight and customize them with money to set yourselves apart.
  • The more expensive food you buy to eat, the more you will grow.

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