Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator

Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator

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Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator
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Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator Overview


Welcome to Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator, one of the best new combinations between driving games and flying games, because the motorcycle you are taking control over has the ability to expand its wings and flying into the air, precisely what we invite you to do right now and here with this awesome game!

Step inside the Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator for piloting fun!

You will be able to alternate between driving on the roads and flying in the air, doing either thing when necessary in order to complete various missions that you find along with the map, so go to their spot, accept the mission, and then do your best to complete it just as it is required.

This usually means you have to drive or fly in a way that you go through checkpoints, collect stuff, do a certain time, and more requirements like this. The better you perform, the more money you earn, which you can then use in the garage to buy even better bikes to have fun with.

Use WASD to accelerate, brake, and steer, space to jump, R to reset the bike, L-shift for nitro, F to extend wings, G to remove them, and M for the map.

Now that you understood what to do and how, let the fun begin as only here is possible to have it, and maybe invite your friends along for fun as well, with this or any of our other games!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, F, R, G, M keys.

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