Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto

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Bleach vs Naruto
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Bleach vs Naruto Overview


Two of the titans of anime have come together to take each other on in a clash that will finally end the debate on who can win over who. Fortunately, you’re not only going to play as the sword-wielding Ichigo or the Ninjutsu-powered Naruto. You get to choose from the large cast of characters from each respective show. You can either play against another human player on the same screen or show off your skills against a computer.

How to play Bleach vs Naruto online?

If you’re playing with another human, the first player would use the WASD keys to move with their dodge, attack, and other special abilities set to U I O J K L. The second player would use the directional buttons for movement and Num4, Num5, Num6, Num1, Num2, Num3 for their attacks and abilities.

When you’re familiar with the controls on the training menu, it’s time to play! However, there are some tips for Bleach Vs. Naruto that you should pay attention to:


โ—    Don’t forget to block! Blocking is crucial to winning in Bleach Vs. Naruto. As satisfying as it would be to only unleash a flurry of attacks on your opponent, it’s also important to make use of your block ability, especially when you anticipate a big attack.

โ—    Fly around the screen and dodge. You’re not just standing in one place trying to swing your weapon around. The enemy will end up dodging your attacks and getting the jump on you from behind. In Bleach Vs. Naruto, only the strongest AND fastest will survive.

โ—    Watch your time limit. You can sit there and block all day, but if the enemy is taking surprise shots at your health and you’re lower when the time runs out, they will win. Bleach Vs. Naruto is about as much offense as it is defense.

Now, it’s time to prove who is the strongest fighter in the anime universe.

How to play?

Use the arrows and W, A, S, D to move;

 U,I,O,J,K,L and 1,2,3,4,5,6 to attack;

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