Scary Toys - The Revenge

Scary Toys - The Revenge

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Scary Toys - The Revenge
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Scary Toys - The Revenge Overview


Scary Toys - The Revenge: the new game inspired by the story Friday Night at Freddy offers you the opportunity to take revenge against the three popular characters from FNAF Games.
For the beginning, you will need to know that the game is one in which you will have to destroy three dolls that symbolize the three characters: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica.
As you can see, the first time you have to face Bonnie, the character on the left side of the game, after which you will have the opportunity to play with Chica, and finally, if you manage to pass the first two monsters you will be able to face the dreaded teddy bear Freddy Fazbear.

After you have chosen the character you want to destroy, you will have to buy the utensils to use for this purpose, which is why we guide you to go to the shop page where you can buy all kinds of weapons. For the beginning, you have 50 points ex officio, and in exchange for the 50 points, you can only buy a machine gun with yellow pencils that you can use to put in our teddy bear.

In the shop menu, you will be able to buy the following weapons: pawns, poison syringe, serrated wheel, ninja weapons, a bomb, TNT, grenades, a barrel of gasoline, simple missiles, or even supersonic missiles. The last level of the game will allow you to buy (if you can afford it) some weapons: a pistol, machine gun, sniper, or rifle.

In the lower-left, you will be able to see how much life the character has and also how many points you have so that you can use them in the shop.

How to play?

use the mouse to destroy the toy.

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