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What are Driving Games?

Driving Games are the games in which you will have to drive a car, a truck, a boat, a vehicle approved or not by the different routes you have. Most of the time, when you play such a game, you will have to complete the game's mission, which may be to finish first in each race or to collect as many bonus points along the way. Most of the time the vehicles you drive are inspired by reality, and in case of an accident, you will have to restart the mission because the vehicles are destroyed and damaged.

How many kinds of driving games are there?

  • Car driving games: here we are talking about car games, the most popular online games in which you will have to choose your favorite car to drive, then start the first mission according to the game. In general, our car games are part of racing games, with real racers in which you will have to win to move from one level to another. To be a good driver you will have to participate in all the Formula 1 races and try to improve your driving style.
  • Truck driving games: when it comes to trucks, you will have to be more careful, because trucks are heavy vehicles that you have to drive with increased care, especially when you want to overtake on the highway or you want to park in a narrow place. Most of the time, you will find the trucks in the construction area, and there you will have to park the truck next to the excavator to be loaded with earth, concrete, stones, wood, or other construction materials.
  • ATV driving games: In these games, you will have to participate with the ATV in races through the mountains, through the forest, or even on undeveloped terrain, where the dexterity of driving such a vehicle on four wheels will have to be quite high.
  • Motorcycle driving games: If you like to drive ATV's, motorcycle games will be your favorites, because motorcycles are like ATVs, but on two wheels, where you will have to learn to keep your balance better and at the same time you have the opportunity to drive on the road at a higher speed, but the disadvantage of motorbikes is that if you fall off and you do not have a protective suit you will be hit quite hard.
  • Tractor driving games: As you probably know, on Play-Games.com you will find a lot of games with tractors that you can try whenever you want for free. Tractor games will often take you to animal farms or to the field, where you will have to do various agricultural work with them including plowing the land, harvesting grain, transporting vegetables and fruits from the farm to the market, as well as and many other specific things.
Certainly in the Driving Games category, you will find other vehicles that you will have to drive, just like the Monster Truck, or different machines just like the excavators, but depending on the object you want to drive you will have to choose the game you want to play, and also try to adapt to the difficulty level of the game.