Drift Racing in the Open World

Drift Racing in the Open World

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Drift Racing in the Open World
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Drift Racing in the Open World Overview


Drift Racing in the Open World is definitely something we recommend you do, which is the reason why we're kicking off this day with this game which allows you to do precisely that, in what represents one of the best new drifting simulator games 3D of our website, about which we will tell you more right now, to ensure that you start it immediately, and have just as much fun as we did, which was quite a lot!\

Let's do Drift Racing in the Open World online!

There are three separate modes you can play this game in:

  • Crash Mode: where you drift to crash your car, and get points for doing so, which earns you the chance to buy other cars.
  • Carreer Mode: here you have to do drift challenges and races where you aim to complete your challenges and earn more money.
  • Free Run Mode: here it is up to you as you go around the maps, where you can just race and drift, or you can take up challenges for money.

In the free run, we've got four different maps for you: Port City, Snow City, Province, Business City.

Now, you can use either the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to drive. With the money you earn, you can go in the garage to make upgrades to your cars or unlock new ones by buying them. We wish you the best, and hope to see you around for all the other new daily games!

How to play?


Tips & Tricks

  • Use money you earn from missions to buy new cars in the garage.
  • Tune your car as well, making it look different.
  • Make drifts in every kind of race for extra cash!

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