Top Driver 2: Undercover

Top Driver 2: Undercover

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Top Driver 2: Undercover
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Top Driver 2: Undercover Overview


Top Driver 2: Undercover is going to be one of the best new car racing games online in 3D, even better since it is a street racing game inspired by NFS Underground, which you must have realized already from the title and image, but if not, worry not, we're now introducing you into what and how to do it, so you can give this game your best right away!

Drive fast and become a Top Driver Undercover online!

Sofia will ring you up, giving you her car for a test drive, but first, you need to take it to the gas station and fill up the tank by standing next to the canister button. After that, follow the mini-map to meet Carlos, and use some of the first 20,000 dollars you've got in your account to buy your first car.

After buying your first car, you can explore the city, meet other racers, and take part in challenges like drag racing, drift racing, and classic street races that are illegal, you can run fast ahead of cops, and do other crazy stunts. As you take part in the underworld racing world, try to earn lots of money, as well as a lot of respect from your peers.

Drive using WASD or the ARROW keys, the mouse for interaction. Of course, the more money you get, the more awesome and faster cars you can buy from Carlos, your dealer, and you should make yourselves a great garage, to have great cars for any kind of racing you want to do, since some are better than others at various things.

Explore the world of racing like never before, and be its top driver!

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