Top Speed Racing 3D

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What is Top Speed Racing 3D?

Top Speed Racing 3D

When you're on our website, you will only find and play the best car racing games online 3d on the internet, that's for sure, otherwise, you would not come back here as often as you do, which is why right now we invite you to try Top Speed Racing 3D, one of the coolest new car games for boys we've had in a while!

How to become the top racer online out there:

Well, you will start in the garage, which will be your main menu, where you only have one sports car to drive for starters, but the more you play and the more cash you earn along the way, you will get the chance to unlock all sorts of new and awesome cars. Use the arrows to drive them, of course.

You will then be thrown into the city, where you go and find different challenges such as racing other cars, of course, taking part in parkour tracks with your car, drifting, doing jumps and stunts, and all sorts of other crazy stuff.

Completing the challenges gives you cash in return, and the more you venture through the city, the more new and interesting challenges you will find and enjoy, no doubt!

We wish you good luck through all the races, and we're happy to invite you to play even more new games that are following on our website!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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