Furious Driver

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What is Furious Driver?

Furious Driver

Furious Driver is here to really switch things up when it comes to playing car-driving games online in 3D, of which we have quite a lot, and all are fantastic in their own ways!

What does it make this one stand apart? Well, in these games you usually need to avoid obstacles, but not here, where you smash through traffic, literally!

Be the Furious Driver on the road!

Use WASD or the ARROWS to drive and steer your car, through which you need to hit and crush as many cars and obstacles your way, but more of the cars, since roadblocks and trains are dangerous and might make you lose.

The longer you can drive and hit cars as you keep your health bar up, the more points you make, and the more distance you go through, even better, of course!

Upgrade your car in the garage with the money you earn along the way. After you're done with one driving session, why not go on another one, and then give out even more of your strength and powers so that you do a better job than last time!

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