Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver

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Zombie Driver
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Zombie Driver Overview


Become a Zombie Driver in yet another awesome game in 3D where you use your driving skills to survive the zombie apocalypse, since zombies might be undead, but they are still made of flesh and bones, so if a real human can die from a car crash, so can they, which is the weapon you have against them in this action-driving game online in 3D!

Be the best Zombie Driver online!

Start off with the first wave, and you get put in an arena where you have to drive through the zombies and kill them, hitting them as many times as it takes to achieve that. There are other things to crash into, such as barrels that explode, cars stacked on top of one another, or walls, so cause even more destruction for extra points.

Use WASD or the ARROWS to drive. You can use the money you earn to add the following weapons/upgrades to your car:

  • bumper
  • spikes
  • saw
  • wrecking ball

Of course, you can also buy whole new cars, and the more expensive they are, the better their stats for health, armor, and attack will be. It's that simple and fun, so now that you know, start driving through the zombie hordes, survive the undead, and invite your friends to do the same!

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