Traffic Cop Simulator 3D

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D

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Traffic Cop Simulator 3D
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Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Overview


Traffic Cop Simulator 3D is the perfect game for boys to play on our website, the boys who dream of one-day becoming police officers in charge of traffic rules and dealing with cars, which is what you will be doing in this simulation where you drive, chase, give tickets, and make sure that the roads are safe! Are you up to the task?

Try the best Traffic Cop Simulator 3D online right now and here!

If you choose playing the duty mode, you will be sitting next to the highway, clicking on cars to pull them over, and then checking their documents, making sure everything is right and in order, and if they are not, make sure to give them fines, and feel free to do further investigations if someone seems to be lying.

Catch criminals in traffic to get a raise in status and pay! If you're choosing the patrol mode, you do it directly on the roads, choosing either a car or a bike, and using the ARROWS/WASD keys to drive. Follow the arrows to reach criminals, take on a mission, and bring them to justice!

With the money you earn by doing a good job you can change the car, the bike, and even the uniform, and we hope to see your good cop/bad cop meter go more towards the good one, but you can always play dirty! Let's start right now, and maybe invite your friends to have the same awesome experience here!

How to play?

Use the mouse and WASD or the ARROWS.

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