Bank Robbery: San Andreas

Bank Robbery: San Andreas

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Bank Robbery: San Andreas
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Bank Robbery: San Andreas Overview


Bank Robbery: San Andreas is a GTA-inspired shooting game online in 3D, a fps game, which is always among the best ones you get to find and play here, where you're playing the role of thief instead of the police, who are your enemies trying to stop you from getting rich, so make sure they don't achieve your goal!

Survive the Bank Robbery of San Andreas!

With WASD you move around the map, and with the mouse you aim and shoot your guns, pressing R to reload, and using the wheel to change weapons. Make sure to change inventory between robberies, since the police will keep sending better officers after you, as the sums of money you steal get bigger.

Stand and point towards doors to blow them up, open them up simply if that's all, but also grab the money and treasures from the safes, and the power-ups or new weapons you might find along the way. Of course, if you're the one who gets shot too much, or your partner, if either loses their lives, you both lose the game.

It's that simple, as it is non-stop action and fun, so feel confident to begin now, after which our team invites you to check out all the other of today's content!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, R, the mouse.

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