Car Destruction Simulator 3D

Car Destruction Simulator 3D

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Car Destruction Simulator 3D
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Car Destruction Simulator 3D Overview


A Car Destruction Simulator 3D online has now been made easily available for all of you to check out free of charge on our website, since we know that car crashes fancies the fascination of many boys who visit our website, men as well, but car crashes should remain virtual, just like here, where you are encouraged to wreck up the cars, unlike real life, where safety should always be a priority!

Try our free Car Destruction Simulator 3D online right now!

First things first, know how to control your vehicles: use WASD to drive, space for the handbrake, alt for nitro, C to change cameras, and B to slow down time. You have on-screen touch controls if you are playing this on a phone or tablet.

There are three maps you can play on:

  1. Crash Test
  2. Crash Test - Ramp
  3. Track with AI

Drive through these areas and bump into the other cars or vehicles, obstacles, and traps set for you, because instead of avoiding them, you need to make the crashes happen, and the wilder they get, the more points you are aware of. You are ultimately testing out these cars, so why not drive them through extremes?

Start all this exciting fun right now, only here, and make sure not to stop for a second, since the day has much more in store for you, as we've only just begun!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, alt, C, B.

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