TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash 2

TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash 2

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TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash 2
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TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash 2 Overview


TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash 2 is one of the best Nickelodeon fighting games online! Ninja Turtles will fight the Power Rangers, so the two most popular shows for boys on the network. What’s best is that you get to be in any of the two teams, and use all their iconic battle moves!

Who will win the second TMNT vs Power Rangers Ultimate Hero Clash?

You can play in the main story mode, where the game assigns who you battle one after another, or in the arcade mode or versus mode, where you’ve got one-off fights. If you want a survival mode, pick the outlast mode.

As with any other fighting game, hit your opponent more than you get hit! Deplete them of their health bar, and don’t let them do that to you first. If you do it first, you win.

We’ve got intuitive controls for the fighters!

Move with the right and left arrows, use the up arrow to jump, and the down arrow to block. Double-tap the right arrow for a charge.

Punch with Z, and kick with X. If you combine Z and X you can make a spin attack. When you have a full energy bar, press space for the special attack!

We recommend combining punches, kicks, and even special attacks as much as possible. Combo hits deal the most damage, and help you win faster!

Become your favorite Ninja Turtles, or Power Rangers!

Fans of both shows will be happy. You can become Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, or Michelangelo, but also April, Casey Jones, Splinter, and others from Ninja Turtles.

From the Power Rangers, you can be Red, Blue, White, Pink, or Yellow, but also Stonedozer, Kudabot, or Cat O’Clock.

We recommend you play with as many characters as possible, to see and use all their moves. Each has unique moves that are worth trying out! May the best fighter win!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys, and the spacebar.

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