La Casa de Dora

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What is La Casa de Dora?

La Casa de Dora

La Casa de Dora is a full-on immersive experience into the life of Dora the Explorer, one of the most popular characters created and spread across the world by Nick Jr, for whom we have a big category which can always use some more games, which is why it makes us very excited that right at this moment we could share this new game with you all!

Let's explore La Casa de Dora!

Go through the various rooms of Dora's house, where you can see her wardrobe and dress her up, make music with the musical instruments in her mom's office, and play with her many toys in her room, each featuring a different mini-game for you, make some food in the kitchen with Papa, or even go outside gardening.

Whether you do these things in order, or randomly, we highly recommend that you do all of them to have the best time possible out of this game, and if you do all the activities, you will see time flying by, and you will have had lots of fun with it, guaranteed, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse,

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