Dora Hand Spa For Mom

Dora Hand Spa For Mom

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Dora Hand Spa For Mom
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Dora Hand Spa For Mom Overview


Dora is taking her Mom to the Hand Spa! Yes, it's a surprise! One that she is very eager about, and you should too! You get to be the beautician taking care of her hand. Manicures, relaxing massages, and beautiful makeup. You can do it too, and Dora will thank you very much if you're down to help out!

Start Dora's Hand Spa for Mom with Shopping!

To set things in motion, play a hidden objects mini-game. Well, it's actually a shopping game. Take all the cosmetics, lotions, creams, paint, bath salts, and tools from the counters. Use the mouse to move the flashlight, and when you spot an item from the list down below, tap on it. Do this until you've bought all that you need for your spa!

Relax, refresh!

Dora's mom works with her hands, so of course they need treatment. Give them a massage to relax the veins and the skin. Soften it up with lotions, and creams, and hydrate it. Even use special salts, leaves, and holistic treatments! Of course, cutting the nails to a good size is important too!

Get the nail art done in style!

Of course, a hand spa's specialty is manicure. Use the colors from the small bottles to paint the nails. You can give them what shades you like most, and you can decorate with patterns too. Want to go the extra mile? Apply small jewels directly on the nails, or gift Mom a ring!

She will forever remember this day together, so get on with it right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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