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What are Dora Games?

Dora is one of the best known and most popular girls, occurring most often in children's cartoons where Dora explorer is proving to be a successful and valuable, often succeeding to discover all kinds new things. First you need to put your mind to know his personality so Dora because she has a very nice character if you manage to get along with her, to talk, to talk to her, to help all kinds of things cosmetics, hair washing, car, driving, washing the laundry, adventures and coloring books that we have. The best friend of Dora is very small monkey Boots is a 5 year old who apparently manages to help Dora in all the games you have. Backpack Backpack is also always with Dora and help it in all transport means different things in order to get as far with them. Map map, without which Dora the Explorer does not start to any adventure, not going out, Swiper the Fox, the fox who always manages to steal all sorts of things from Dora, but our daughter is always good in front of it and gives in the mouth. Tico the squirrel even has some Anis, his intelligence is considered and why not to remember because they do all the activities and things that Dora gave him in charge. Cow Benny, iguana, reptilian green that Iga and three, insects, grasshopper, snail and frog The Fiesta Trio is always with Dora for her supportive, to sing whenever it needs something extra.