Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular

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What is Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular?

Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular

No matter the season you are currently in, playing Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular is going to be one of the best gaming experiences that our Dora Games online category can offer you, where we are always seeking to bring you the best new games on the internet that feature her, so let's explain this one right away, so you can start having fun with it with confidence!

Let's have fun with Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular!

On the left and right sides of the screen you can see dance moves that Dora can make while she is ice skating, so click on them to make them happen, and do that until you fill up all the moves shown to you on the top of the screen, so that you complete the whole routine.

You can always start again by hitting the undo button, and maybe do the moves in a different order, which we are sure you will love, and Dora will too, since the more ice skating and dancing you do, the better time you will have here. Start right now, and stick around, maybe play more games with Dora on our website!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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