Dancing Games

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What are Dancing Games?

People have danced from the age of time, whether they did it to celebrate a happy moment, to court one another, or even to express a creative moment and make art simply, it is something ingrained in us ever since music was around, and we here on Play-Games highly encourage dancing to children, adults, women and men alike, since it is a release like no other, and not only does it make us feel better mentally, but it is also great for health since it implies lots of movement and usage of your muscles, bones, and your whole body!

How to play dancing games online:

There are usually two main types of music and dance games available on the Internet, and of course, we have both of them here.


To make things more exciting and appealing to you, in some of the dance games online on this page, you can dance with characters you love from various media, such as My Little Pony, Teletubbies, or Shake It Up. Still, there are also some original games we invite you to check out, like the beloved Friday Night Funkin Games series we brought here over for you all. No matter what you choose to play from this page, even doing it randomly, fun is guaranteed, so start immediately!