Pole Dance Battle

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What is Pole Dance Battle?

Pole Dance Battle

We are now glad to present everyone here a brand new skill game in 3d aimed primarily at girls, although boys can play it too since we're talking about a game called Pole Dance Battle, where your skills with the mouse and focus are going to be instrumental in helping the pole dancer advance through the barrage of obstacles, and we're going to explain how all that works right now and here, do not worry!

Help the dancer perform all the poses and dance moves!

You will control a dancer that is sitting on a pole, and with the mouse you can move her up and down, as well as change her pose, holding the mouse to do that.

As the pole advances forward by itself, you have to move the dancer until she gets into the pose that allows her to move through the walls, which only have a space that is cut up in a certain pose.

If you do that through all the obstacles, at the end you reach your fans, and you should move left and right with the mouse to grab all their hearts, which represents bonus points that you can gain.

Try to get lots of points and increase your score, while clearing as many levels as possible, no matter how difficult they might get along the way. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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