A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice

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A Dance of Fire and Ice
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A Dance of Fire and Ice Overview


No, don't get fooled by the title and think we will somehow end up in the world of Game of Thrones, as the book series has a similar title, but instead, right now and here you get to play one of the most interesting rhythm games and skill games of our website!

Focus and keep fire and ice dancing!

In the middle of the screen you have two planets orbiting around one another, one of fire, one of ice, and they do it around a path without breaking the balance between them. As the music goes and plays, you need to press on the beat of the song in order to keep the planets going in line.

Don't think that the visuals matter that much, because it is more about the sounds, so listen carefully to them in order to keep the planets orbiting, and the fun going, without breaking rhythm, or you have to start again from scratch.

All the best we want to wish you all, and we invite you to tell your friends about our tremendous games as well, they must love it here also!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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