The Worlds Easyest Game

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The Worlds Easyest Game
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What is The Worlds Easyest Game?

The Worlds Easyest Game

If you had been looking to play The World’s Easy-est Game, you’ve come to the right place, since we are very happy to be offering this amazing arcade game online for children, a great that manages to combine skill games, math games, and puzzle games in an experience like no other, one which we will describe to you right now, so that your experience of the game is going to be an easy one indeed, and you enjoy it to the fullest!

Queasy Cat, the character of this game, does really not like hard questions and doing hard things, which is why it wants to give you one of the simplest quizzes in the world, for which you have to prove that you are intelligent enough to solve it. Just like a cat, you’ve got nine lives, which means that if you get nine questions wrong, you lose the easiest game in the world, which is quite a shame, and we hope it does not happen!

Each new level gives you something new to make. For example, you have a simple riddle to solve with a quick story, where you have to guess Alice’s age, which is fifteen, so we’ve already given you a clue. Don’t forget that, and use the answer when you get to that level. Or, at another fun level, you use the gun to shoot the zombies that appear before you. Or, if you’re a sports fan, you’ll love that you get to get a basketball into the hoop in one of the levels.

You are going to be timed for each question, and, in case the cat sees that you are taking too long, don’t worry, it is there to offer you some hints to get you through. The fun starts right now, so come and prove that the World’s Easiest Game is indeed really easy for you!

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How to play?

You can play this game using your mouse. Probably soon you will be able to find a mobile version for The Worlds Easyest Game, then you will be able to play it using your fingers on your phone screen.


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